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4 tips for achieving your fitness goals

Want some really generic advice on how to lose weight & feel great? Then read on!

Goals are awesome:

They are the gateway to pushing ourselves to a place where we have never been before. Whether fitness-related or not, in order for goals to be achievable, they must possess certain characteristics. If we only set goals that are unreasonable or unattainable, we will get discouraged and fall off track. Being realistic about time frames in which you wish to attain your goals is key. So what are some things you should be doing to help you set achievable fitness goals?

Be Realistic:

Have weight to lose? Want to go from running around the block to running a marathon? Awesome! Be sure you allow yourself ample time to complete these goals. For example, a healthy amount of weekly weight loss is about 1-2 pounds. So if you have 20 pounds to lose, it would be both unreasonable and unhealthy to say you wanted to lose that weight in the next four weeks. Consider things such as your health, your lifestyle and your physical limits when setting goals. If you’re just learning how to deadlift, it would be unreasonable to say you want to up your one rep max by 300 pounds in a month.

Fall Into A Routine:

It’s quite difficult to achieve something when you’re inconsistent. Consistency is a crucial factor in succeeding in reaching goals. If you want to improve, change or obtain something (face it, that’s what goals are for!), then you need to find a regular routine that works for you. Perfecting all the yoga poses in six months may be reasonable from a time-standpoint, but not if you only practice once a week. Commit yourself to a routine where you work towards your goal infallibly. Don’t let distractions derail your progress.

Celebrate Small Victories:

In order to lose 20 total pounds you have to lose 1, then 2, and then 3. Small victories are just as important as big ones. Set small goals along the way that incorporate into a larger goal. If you’re aiming for that marathon and successfully completed your first 10k, celebrate! Keep your rewards unrelated to food- think a new pair of shoes or a trip to the spa. Find a way to gauge your progress as well along the way. Seeing how far you’ve come is encouraging, especially when you find yourself stuck in self-doubt.

In the Time Trial App, we have built in a number of cool rewards to keep you motivated. The first is our challenge section that lets you compete against friends of any fitness level and go head to head to see who improves the most. We also have weekly targets for you to aim for, and as you complete more workouts you will see your total reps climb through the roof. Just like a Karate master, we hand out belts to players who reach certain milestones. So you'll see your belt change on the leaderboard and results graphs at 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 all the way up to 1 million reps.

If we never challenge ourselves, we will never experience change. Setting goals helps push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into a new realm we’ve never been to. By setting goals that are realistic and attainable (whether it be in the near or far future), you will be on your way to an even better, more-awesome you.

Download the Time Trial App today (for iPhone) and start #winning. Yes, we're bringing it back.

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