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1 magical technique that helps you run faster

Learn the proper technique using this long forgotten exercise

So you want to run faster? Well it's not just about getting onto the treadmill and cranking the pace to 20mph. There is also a great deal of technique involved, that has been known to serious runners for over a century. The below program is taken from the 1908  memoirs of W.G. George, who ran the mile in 4:22sec and is a great training technique for would be runners:

Movement 1: The minor involves standing with both feet about eight inches apart and your arms cocked in running position, the raise one knee at a time to hip height, bringing it back down lightly to its original position. All that’s left after that is to repeat this movement 100 times.

Movement 2: The major involves the same movement at a higher speed. "The body must be balanced on the ball of the foot, the heels being clear of the ground and the head and body being tilted very slightly forward ... Now, spring from the toe, bringing the knee to the level of the hip ... Repeat with the other leg and continue raising and lowering the legs alternately. This action is exactly that of running.”

Here's the article with gif animation that explaining the correct technique: 

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